Severodvinsk plans to ship spent fuel in May: Year’s first nuclear transport train leaves Murmansk

The Malina-class naval nuclear fuel transport ship PM-63 is permanently stationed in the waters of Severodvinsk Zvezdochka shipyard. The vessel is the only one in Severodvinsk capable of performing refueling operations and loading TUK-18 railway cars with spent nuclear fuel. In September last year, the city council of Severodvinsk issued a resolution saying that PM-63 will be granted permission to perform operations involving spent nuclear fuel only after overhaul repairs.

This year, the Russian Defence Ministry has allocated 1,8 million USD for repairs of the vessel. In the meantime, the sum required is estimated to be more than 5 million USD. Nevertheless, Navy officials in Severodvinsk believe the fuel will be shipped this May.

Year’s first nuclear transport train leaves Murmansk

On January 30, 1998, this year’s first nuclear transport train left Atomflot‘s nuclear ice-breakers base in Murmansk, carrying both civilian and naval spent fuel from maritime reactors. The leadership of the atomic ice-breakers fleet hopes to perform nine more shipments this year.