Gepard still under construction

Publish date: January 9, 1998

Written by: Igor Kudrik

The nuclear-powered Akula-class submarine Gepard is still under construction at the Severodvinsk shipyard Sevmash. The sub's crew is to arrive on board in spring of 98, while the Gepard is still under construction.

According to the initial plans, the sub was scheduled to enter active service in 1996. But according to the Severodvinsk daily Severny Rabochy, the Akula-class submarine, laid down in 1991, is still in the dock..

The Sevmash builders planned to complete the aft part of the boat by New Year. In the first part of 1998, the equipment in the control room compartment is to be installed. During spring 1998, the naval crew is to arrive on board and is supposed to start "getting familiar" with the boat while it is still not ready for operations. The innovation of letting the crew on board an "unfinished" sub is apparently due to attempts to reduce delays with the delivery schedule.