Planning to block Trans-Siberian railway again

Publish date: November 9, 1997

Written by: Igor Kudrik

The labour union at the Far East naval shipyard Zvezda has decided to go on strike on November 14, blocking the Trans-Siberian railroad near Amursky Bay railway station, reports RIA News.

The conflict heated up again last week, when a Ministry of Defence inspection, attending the shipyard on November 5, left without any decent promises to provide funding. Instead, the yard was advised to start implementing a free market economy, and stop begging from the Ministry of Defence.

According to the Zvezda labour union, the Ministry of Defence debts for works performed now amount to almost 11 million USD. Both repairs on nuclear-powered submarines and decommissioning of laid-up subs have practically reached a stand-still this year.

On June 30, 300 angry and desperate workers of Zvezda yard blocked the Trans- Siberian railway for several hours. As a result, the state allocated 1.8 million USD to cover some 10% of the total salary debts.