Typhoon under repairs, Gepard delayed for a year

Publish date: October 17, 1997

Written by: Igor Kudrik

Sevmash shipbuilding yard is working hard to complete overhaul repairs on a Typhoon class submarine, while also entering the next stage of construction of a new submarine of Akula class - Gepard, reports Severodvinsk daily.

The Typhoon class submarine overhaul repairs were launched in the beginning of this year. Estimated time of completion is so far unclear. This is the fourth sub of this class officially designated as being in operation. The two earliest Typhoon submarines were taken out of service in 1996, well before their allotted time.

The construction of the Akula class submarine Gepard, originally scheduled for completion in 1996, is still under way. The submarine was laid down in 1991, launched in 1992 and initially scheduled for delivery to the Russian Navy in 1996. So far, the electric assembly works were launched on the submarine in the end of September and will continue for at least three months ahead. Given the most favourable funding, the sub will be taken into service in the course of 1998.

According to available information, there are two additional submarines under construction at Sevmash in Severodvinsk: One prototype "multi purpose" submarine of the new Severodvinsk class has been under construction since December 1993. On November 2 1996, the Uriy Dolgorukiy, of the new generation Borey class strategic submarine, was laid down at Sevmash. The latter project has suffered from unstable funding ever since November last year.