Strike in Severodvinsk is temporary stopped

Publish date: February 1, 1997

Written by: Igor Kudrik

The strike committee of Severodvinsk plants made a decision yesterday (17.02.97) to stop the strike temporary. The shipbuilding and repairing yards in Severodvinsk received 60 billion roubles (12 million US dollars) from Moscow what covered just 10% of salary debts.

Meanwhile the energy crises is pushing the city into the new actions. The consumption of gas was reduced from regular 50 tons a day to 20 tons a day.

The head of the shipbuilding plant "Sevmash" – the only yard in Russia which continues the construction of nuclear-powered submarines – D.Pashaev organised Extreme Situation Committee at the plant. The Committee is giving out coupons to the employees which can be exchanged to meat products and bread. Pashaev called upon the heads of different workshops and departments of "Sevmash" to create their local Extreme Situations Committee.