Russian Nuclear Agency to buy houses in contaminated Muslyumovo village

Publish date: December 5, 2006

The head of the Russian Nuclear Agency Sergey Kiriyenko stated that on November 29th, while travelling around “nuclear closed cities” in Penza region and South Ural.

He said that the Rosatom decided to pay $38,000 for each house in contaminated Muslyumovo village, which is situated on the banks of the heavily contaminated Techa river. Several other settlements were evacuated following huge radioactive discharges from the reprocessing plant in the early fifties. Kiriyenko believes this money is enough to buy a good flat in Chelyabinsk city nearby or build a house. He added that all will be done after an agreement with the Muslyumovo villagers and hopefully the village will be demolished by bulldozers and then grass and trees would be planted.

The decision to resettle Muslyumovo was taken in May this year. In the frames of this project the Rosatom already transferred $23m. Chelyabinsk region budget should allocate $17m, and the federal budget would transfer $9.5m. The major part of the sum will be spent for the construction of new village Novomuslyumovo, where 300 families will be resettled, ITAR-TASS reported.