Cesium-137 found in Petrozavodsk

Publish date: November 28, 2005

On November 17, a source of radiation containing cesium-137 was found in Petrozavodsk, Karelia.

The container with the radiation source was transferred to the temporary storage facility for radioactive sources. The discovered radiation source with cesium-137 belonged to the RMGZ-01 device produced in 1976. It was used to control radiation levels in food. The device can be hazardous when placed closed to the people.

Cesium-137, which was found, creates radiation level equal to 6 milliRoentgen per hour. Beside the container where it is placed at the facility the radiation level is 231 microroentgen per hour. It is quite safe at the distance of 3m from the container – the level is normal.

The management of the Khlebprodservice Baker Company failed to deliver the device to the appropriate place after closing the food storage facilities and cesium-137 was simply abandoned, Interfax reported.