Majority of Russians in favour of nuclear and alternative energy

Publish date: October 18, 2005

A survey showed that 59% of Russians believe nuclear energy should be developed, 25% of the respondents are against the nuclear energy.

The All-Russian Center for Public Opinion and Market Research (VTsIOM) on September 24 and 25 asked 1,600 people in 153 localities in 46 Russian regions, Interfax reported. The men support nuclear energy more often then women (66% and 54% accordingly).

49% of the respondents believe Russia should develop alternative energy sources like solar, wind, tide etc. 18% of the respondents would give priority to the nuclear energy, less priority is given to hydro- and heat energy (14% and 8%). Only 1% believe Russia should import energy.

The survey also showed that most of the respondents do not exclude a nuclear accident similar to Chernobyl: 28% – quite possible, 29% – relatively possible, 28% – hardly possible, 6% – not possible. Most of the pessimists are in the age from 49 to 59 (35%), least are among young people from 18 to 34 (22%). 47% of the respondents said the most dangerous for the environment today is shipment and storage of the radioactive waste (Moscow and St Petersburg’s respondents – 60%). 32-35% of the respondents believe the worst for the environment is industry (metal, chemical etc.), household waste, rubbish, damps and deforestation.

29% of the respondents refer nuclear power plants to the most dangerous for the environment. 25% believe the transport (cars, trains, and aircraft) threatens the environment most. The people are less afraid of oil, gas and other mineral resources extraction (11%), poach (9%), agriculture (7%), arms storage facilities (6%), hydro- and heat power plants (3%), household appliances (1%), Interfax reported.