Four incidents at Russian nuclear power plants in August

Four incidents at the Russian NPPs in August are subject to further investigation. On 7.08.2004 unit no.2 at Kursk NPP safety diesel power supply system was triggered for some reason. On 27.08.2004 unit no.4 was unloaded till 67% capacity due to main circulation pump shut down by the emergency system, which increased the water level in the steam generator PG-3. On 29.08.2004 turbo generator TG-3 of Kursk NPP was switched by the safety system due to the loss of the generator excitation. On the same day, turbo generator TG-7 at unit no.4 of the Leningrad NPP was switched off by the electric circuit safety system and then the reactor was shut down by the automatic safety system. Radiation levels reportedly remained normal.

On 2.08.2004 a railway car with uranium hexafluoride containers derailed in St Petersburg, but the cargo remained on the car, the Russian Nuclear Regulatory reported.