Russian Nuclear Regulatory reports about insufficient level of nuclear installations security

Publish date: March 24, 2004

The head of the Russian Nuclear Regulatory Andrey Malyshev stated that at the Collegium on nuclear and radiation safety and security on February 27.

The Russian State Nuclear Regulatory performed 299 inspections to reveal the level of nuclear sites’ physical protection and detected 175 violations in 2003. In 2002 and 2003 only one violation of class A was registered, which led to overexposure of the testing operators and three radiation incidents concerning excess of the radiation control levels during operation with radioactive substances.

According to Malyshev, the Russian nuclear plants experienced rise in the number of the violations from 39 in 2002 to 51 in 2003. Malyshev assumed that this rise is connected with the 4.6% increase of energy generation at the nuclear plants. He also stated that unit no.1 of the Kursk NPP was launched without proper adjusting of the operating licence. An investigation was conducted and the measures were taken added Malyshev.