Ukrainian NPPs go haywire

Publish date: June 9, 2000

Three incidents happened at the Ukrainian nuclear power plants during the first week of June.

Agency UNIAN reported that on June 6, at 0:44 local time, during thunder the automatic safety system shut down reactor no. 2 at South-Ukrainian nuclear power plant. The nuclear installation was switched off the grid. The shut-down was activated by a signal of the seismic safety block, the sensors of which took thunder for earthquake. The real seismic situation around South-Ukrainian nuclear power plant has not changed and is stable. The incident has not influenced the radioactive situation around South-Ukrainian NPP. At 7:27, the reactor resumed electricity production.

Also on June 6, at 0:01, the energy production was temporarily reduced by 8% at reactor no. 3 due to reduction of the electricity frequency in the grid down to 49 Hz.

The repair works of electricity equipment at reactor no. 5 of Zaporozhye NPP was extended till June 9. This decision was made after failing to resume the operation of the pump in the cooling system. The pump had shut down earlier due to an electricity breakdown. The reactor works at 55% of its capacity (550MW) during repair works.