Norway allocates additional 3m Norwegian crowns for RTGs dismantling

Publish date: December 1, 2005

Norway allocated more than 3m Norwegian crowns for dismantling of 10 radioactive thermoelectric generators (RTG), which belong to the Russian navy.

The work on these 10 RTGs was carried out in addition to the original plan for 2005, Interfax reported. At the moment the RTGs were shipped to Moscow based All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Technical Physics and Automatization, or VNIITFA—the developers of RTGs. There the RTGs will be dissembled in the special chamber and the radiation source will be removed. It can be used later for the scientific purposes or disposed as radwaste at the Mayak plant in the South Ural. At the moment Russian-Norwegian project for dismantling of 31 RTGs in 2005 is completed. According to the Multilateral Nuclear Environment Program for Russia, or MNEPR, Norway will finance removing and dismantling of all the RTGs on the Kola Peninsula by 2009.