Shooting at Russian nuclear site – one dead

Publish date: March 10, 2005

A conscript guarding the Zheleznogorsk Chemical combine in Siberia opened fire killing one soldier.

19 years-old conscript Gabyshev while guarding the Zheleznogorsk Chemical Combine left his post with Kalashnikov and 60 rounds. He went towards the checkpoint at the mine entry, but was stopped by the guards. Gabyshev opened fire killing one and wounding another conscript guard. The other guards began to fire at Gabyshev. Only after arrival of the police forces the conscript surrendered, reported.

Eight conscript soldiers from military unit no. 33/77 are guarding the entry to the mine of the Zheleznogorsk Chemical Combine. Three soldiers are stationed before the entry, and five are inside the mine. It is not clear why Gabyshev shot at the guards.

The military prosecutor’s office launched the criminal case “on violation of the regulations while handling the weapon and the objects presenting enhanced danger for the surroundings”. “The victims served the military service not in the same company command with the shooter so it is to early to say it happened due to the non-manual relations” said a representative of the Krasnoyarsk military prosecutor’s office to Komsomolskaya Pravda – Krasnoyarsk daily.

The press-secretary of the Zheleznogorsk Chemical Combine Pavel Moroz said to the Russian media that the Combine has a three level security system provided by the internal troops and the accident happened on the first level, while two other levels remained in action.

This is not the first accident of this kind in Zheleznogorsk’s garrison. Only in 2004, two conscripts committed suicide, one escaped and one failed to commit suicide. On May 25, 2004, while standing at his post a conscript shot himself twice to the stomach but survived.