37 new radioactive objects found in the Kara Sea

Publish date: November 3, 2004

The specialists of the Russian Emergency Ministry completed expedition in the Kara Sea where they had examined sunken objects and presumed radioactive waste dumpsites.

The Russian Emergency minister Mikhail Faleyev told RIA Novosti about the expedition onboard scientific ship “Professor Shtokman”. The expedition took place in the Tsivolky, Abrosimov and Stepovoy bays from 2 to 28 September. It examined two solid radioactive waste sites and seven separate underwater objects including the nuclear submarine. All these objects are included in the Russian Register of the potentially dangerous objects. Besides, the minister mentioned that the side-scan sonar helped to locate 37 new objects, 16 of them – in the Tsivolky bay. The tests showed that some of them contained radioactive waste of various activities. Faleyev also said that 554 sediment tests and 12 water tests were taken for the examination. The final report about the expedition should be ready by Desember 20.