USA sponsor fossil fuel plant for Zheleznogorsk

Publish date: May 12, 2004

The US Congress should approve $300m for implementation of this project.

According to the governor of the Krasnoyarsk region Alexander Khloponin, a call for tenders will be launched in September. The plant is needed to substitute the Zheleznogorsk plutonium reactor, which is scheduled for shut-down in 2007 as part of a non-proliferation agreement with the United States, which has already closed all the 14 plutonium reactors of its own. The capacity of the new plant will be 117 MW/h and 660 Gcal of heat per year.

The Zheleznogorsk Institute of Atomic Industry will become the chief designer. The Federal Russian Atomic Agency will be presented by Rosatomstroy company during the construction. The US party will be presented by two companies , including Reyteon. According to the general director of the Rosatomstroy Valery Dudanov, the site of Sosnovoborsk fossil fuel plant was visually inspected. The results appeared to be disappointing. The construction was stopped back in 1992 and since then the site has not even been preserved. ”Some buildings have degraded and have to be demolished” said the director to Press-Line. He added this fact would influence the dates and the cost of the new plant. The site will be thouroghly inspected in the nearest times to determine the scale of demolishing works.