First stage of reconstruction completed at Andreeva bay nuclear facility

Publish date: October 27, 2003

The first stage of the nuclear facility’s reconstruction at Andreeva bay was completed in the middle of October 2003.

This year, the Norwegian government allocated 28 million Norwegian crowns ($4 million) for the works at Andreeva bay and the Nerpa shipyard, engaged in nuclear submarines’ dismantling. The shipyard received $5 million to dismantle a multipurpose nuclear submarine of Victor-II class. 15 million crowns were spent on road construction to the Andreeva bay facility and more than 5 million crowns were used for physical protection of the facility. The rest of the money was spent on the sluice reconstruction. The Russian Ministry of atomic energy scheduled two projects for the next year at Andreeva bay: change house for the employees and local geotechnical exploration. Norway promised to examine the projects and give an answer regarding their financing.