3.5 tons of radioactive waste shipped from Moscow

The major part of the waste was taken from the bank of Moscow river near Kashirskoye road where construction waste and soil was contaminated with torium-232. Maximum dose of gamma radiation at the surface during decontamination works corresponded to 0.75 micro-Sievert/hour. The Radon specialists also confiscated 7.5kg of fresh mushrooms at a Moscow food market. They were contaminated with cesium-137 and had 547Bq/kg activity, while the norm is 160Bq/kg. Beside that, the specialists took away some devices with exhausted radiation power sources and two banknotes marked with radioactive ioudium-131. All the radioactive waste was sent for compaction to one of the Radon sites 160 km away from Moscow, the route was checked for possible radioactive trace, no contamination was detected, reported RIA-Novosti.