Krasnoyarsk region lifts embargo on Ukranian spent nuclear fuel

Publish date: May 7, 2003

On April 22nd, the embargo on import of spent nuclear fuel from the Ukrainian nuclear power plants to the territory of Krasnoyarsk Region was lifted, as Nuclear.Ru was informed by the press-service of the Ukrainian state company Energoatom(NAEK).

The agreement was reached during the April 21 meeting between Sergei Tulub, the NAEK president, and Lev Kuznetsov, the first deputy governor of Krasnoyarsk Region, and Vitali Lunik, the deputy director general of Mining and Chemical Combine. the Standing Commission On Natural Resources and Environmental protection of the Legislative Assembly of Krasnoyarsk Region reportedly made the decision on April 12-14, while discussing the implementation effectiveness the spent nuclear fuel management program in the region, that Ukraine should pay 50% of its debt by September 1 and submit a clear-cut repayment schedule for the rest. Otherwise the import of the spent nuclear fuel from Ukraine would be frozen. The April 21 meeting also discussed issues related to the Ukrainian spent nuclear fuel shipment, reprocessing and storage in 2003. According to the importation program four trains with spent nuclear fuel from the Ukrainian nuclear plants should arrive at the Mining and Chemical Combine in Krasnoyarsk region by the end of 2003.