Andreeva Bay may become civilian

Publish date: April 15, 1998

Written by: Igor Kudrik

The governor of Murmansk county filed a proposal to the Government of Russian Federation to create a locally based financial-industrial group, which could handle all the issues related to nuclear safety in the county. The proposal includes a distinct line item with a suggestion to transfer Andreeva Bay under control of Ministry for Atomic Energy of Russia.

In the beginning of April, the unformed Government of Russian Federation received a proposal from Yury Jevdokimov, the governor of Murmansk County. The proposal suggested creation on the Kola Peninsula of a financial-industrial group, which could handle radwaste issues in the county.

The proposal also goes further to suggest transferral of Andreeva Bay, the only operational storage facility for spent nuclear fuel in the Northern Fleet, and Nerpa shipyard under control of Ministry for Atomic Energy (Minatom).

The suggested financial-industrial group would be a local branch of Minatom. Its main goal would be to co-ordinate projects, both on national and international level, dealing with radwaste handling in Murmansk County. Further plans suggest the expansion of the group’s activities on Arkhangelsk County as well.

Norway promises money for clean up in Andreeva Bay
In the end of March, Norwegian foreign minister Knut Vollebæk visited Murmansk and promised 100 million Norwegian crones for clean up work on the Kola Peninsula, with a stress on Andreeva Bay. Norway would very much like to have control over provided money, thus the question of giving access for Norwegian experts to Andreeva Bay had become vital. The governor of Murmansk County, Yuriy Jevdokivom, welcomed the possible co-operation. Nevertheless, the optimistic reports that the green light was given to enter Andreeva Bay were not confirmed later. According to information received by Bellona Web, foreign experts will be allowed to Andreeva Bay given the fact it becomes a civilian object. The proposal for such a move had been submitted to the Russian Government, as mentioned above.