Governmental Decree on Handling RadWaste

Publish date: April 23, 1997

Written by: Igor Kudrik

On April 2 Russian Prime minister Chernomyrdin signed decree no. 367, concerning decommissioning of nuclear installations, storage facilities for nuclear materials and radioactive waste

During 1997 federal executive bodies are to submit budgets for programs related to decommissioning of nuclear installations and handling of radioactive waste and nuclear materials for the years 1998-2000, with a long-term perspective till 2010.

Local administrations whith nuclear installations on their territory, are recommended to include expenses on decommissioning and handling of radioactive waste in their budgets.

The first governmental decree on decommissioning of nuclear-powered submarines was no. 1095- 296, adopted in 1986 by the Central Committee of the USSR Communist party. As a follow-up, there were two additional government decrees, issued in 1992 and in 1993, regulating the process of decommissioning of laid-up subs. In addition to the decrees, at least three federal programs have described measures necessary to take in different areas of Russia in order to ensure radiation safety, including construction of proper storage facilities for radioactive waste. As a rule these programs failed to be financed.