Trafalgar action concluded

“The action has been a sucsess,” concludes Thomas Nilsen on the phone from Trafalgar Square, while the Santas are still descending.

“The Norwegian Christmas tree was officially lit by Norwegian Crown Princess Mette-Marit yesterday. Today we have kept the tree in darkness for one evenging, as a symbol of the dark prospects the radioactive discharges from the Sellafield plant creates for Northen fisheries,” continues Nilsen.

The activists have had a fruitfull dialog with Her Majesty’s Police and gentlemen from the Scotland Yard. The police do not intend to press charges in any way.

“To the contrary, the tone was very friendly for the duration. Now both parties will go to get a cup of coffee”, a content Nilsen ends his report.


You’ll find several photos from the action in the “Read more”-article below.