Arbitration court refuses to hear Bellona’s case against local authorities over Second Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant

Publish date: June 26, 2008

ST. PETERSBURG – The St. Petersburg Arbitration Court refused to review a dispute between Bellona’s St. Petersburg offices and the administration of the Smolninskoye District, which had refused Bellona the right to review engineering documents relative to the construction of a second Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant.

The judge ruled that the dispute was not within the purview of arbitration. Bellona will therefore pursue its suit against the district authorities in the Smolninskoye Federal Court.

Bellona filed suit against the administrative district when it refused to let the environmental group conduct an independent environmental impact study of the licensing materials that had been submitted in support of construction of the Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant 2.

In its refusal, the Smolninskoye District wrote that the materials pertained to a “classified” installation and thus could not be publicly viewed.

Bellona turned directly to the administration of Sosnovy Bor – 50 kilometres west of St. Petersburg – which hosts the original Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant and where the second one is slated to be built.

Bellona says that the state environmental impact study has already been completed, and because of the Smolninskoye District administration’s refusal to let Bellona conduct an impact study, a public impact study cannot be considered.

Nevertheless, Bellona has officially requested the related documents of Rosenergoatom, Russia’s nuclear utility, and will carry out a public review.