Russia has 630,000 tons of explored uranium deposits

Publish date: April 18, 2007

MOSCOW-According to deputy head of the Federal Agency of Natural Resource Utilization, Vladimir Bavlov, Russia currently has 630,000 tons of explored uranium deposits. They are predicted to be increased to about 815,000 tons in 2007,, the Russian Atomic Energy Agency’s (Rosatom’s) website.

Bavlov said that in 2007 the Russian Federal Subsoil Agency Rosnedra would continue to invite companies to tender for exploration of uranium deposits, but noted that only those companies can take part in the competition that have a license for nuclear fuel conversion, which means that only Rosatom works can take part.

On a meeting Bavlov said that in 2007, Russia’s uranium deposits will be further increased, reported MinAtom.Ru.