European Commission to cut financing of Russian NPP-equipment supplies

Publish date: April 23, 2007

In 2007, the European Commission will significantly cut financing equipment supplies to Russian NPPs, and will instead increase financing of NPP personnel training.

The Russian state concern for generation of electric and thermal power at nuclear power plants “ROSENERGOATOM” said that the reason for these cuts was the fact that the Russian-EC cooperation had reached a new level, and is no longer based on pure assistance, but on mutual cooperation.

For 15 years, Russian nuclear scientists have been cooperating with the EC in the field of nuclear security programs. These programs were part of “TACIS” (Technical assistance to the Commonwealth of Independent States), and originally had two major functions: to supply NPP equipment and expert training.

TACIS was finally ended in 2006. Since 1991, the EC has allocated €7 billion ($9 billion) to TACIS programs of the various countries. Russia has received about 40% of the funds. The European Commission now offers new nuclear-cooperation technologies for so-called “soft projects”, focusing on personnel training, management style, and security.

According to this new practice, every Russian NPP will hand in a proposal regarding their security management program. When all proposals have been submitted and approved by the EC countries, the NPP operators will choose a partner company helping them to realize the various programs, reported the Russian news agency “RIA Novosti”.

So far, 250 security projects (technological support) have taken place within the framework of “TACIS”, for which about $198.1million were allocated. Russian nuclear sites have been supplied with equipment amounting to €55.7 million ($ 74 million) and expert advice amounting to €96.7million ($ 126 million).

In February 2007, 50 projects of the “TACIS” program were running in Russia, with financing amounting to 156.2million (about $ 6million).