Concerns expressed at proposed nuclear power plant development in Slovakia

Publish date: April 30, 2007

In the coming weeks the Italian electricity company ENEL is expected to take a final formal decision on whether to develop an old nuclear reactor in Mochovce, Slovakia, by constructing an additional two outdated blocks, reported the Greens/EFA in the European Parliament.

Greens MEPs Monica Frassoni, Rebecca Harms and Claude Turmes met with Competition Commissioner Neelie Kroes on 16 April to express their deep concerns about ENEL’s plan to develop an old nuclear reactor in Mochovce and the fact that the development is likely to be dependent on a significant amount of state aid.

According to Greens/EFA Co-President Monica Frassoni, “environmentalists and Greens across Europe are gravely concerned by the proposed expansion of the Mochovce nuclear power plant. The Mochovce reactor is based on 1970s soviet technology and is one of the most outdated in Europe, lacking many of the crucial safety mechanisms introduced after Chernobyl, notably containment. By proceeding with this development, ENEL would be acting in contradiction to what it is claiming in Italy i.e. that it is investing in safe and advanced technologies. There is no such thing as safe nuclear technology.”

Referring to a plebiscite in Italy in 1987, which decided to close down all Italian nuclear reactors, Frassoni further said that "ENEL would also be ignoring the will of a clearly anti-nuclear Italian public, which is disturbing given ENEL is a partially state-owned firm. We fully support the demonstration organized by Greenpeace at various Italian embassies today in opposition to ENEL’s planned nuclear investment".

Also greens energy spokespersons Rebecca Harms and Claude Turmes criticized the project. "In addition to safety issues, the proposed development at Mochovce would not be feasible without flouting EU competitive rules,” they said.