Kola NPP to supply aluminium plant with energy

Publish date: February 23, 2006

Kola NPP will use free capacities to implement the construction project of the second aluminium plant in Kandalaksha, the head of economics department of Murmansk region Alexander Ruzankin said to Interfax. According to the economics development program of Murmansk region for 2004-2008, a new modern aluminium plant is to be constructed.

The Siberian-Urals Aluminium Company (SUAL) suggested the project. The SUAL’s vice-president Vasily Kiselev said to Interfax that the new plant would require 4 billion kWh per year. The new plant is expected to produce 218,000 tons of aluminium per year and 200,000 of baked anodes per year. The project’s payback period is 3.7 years.

Ruzankin added that if this project is not implemented then extra capacity could be used for electric boilers with 400MW capacity or for the construction of the second 330 kW power line. He said the power line could allow to deliver extra energy for some perspective investment projects in Murmansk region like natural gas liquefaction plant, oil refinery, Murmansk port hub development. At the moment Kola NPP’s capacity equal to 400MW is not used.