Rosatom wants to become joint-stock company

Publish date: May 6, 2005

If the Russian nuclear State Company Rosenergoatom becomes a joint-stock company it could attract the investments (also from abroad), believes the head of the Russian Federal Nuclear Agency, or Rosatom, Alexander Rumyantsev, RIA-Novosti reported.

“In case Rosenergoatom becomes a joint-stock company, on one hand, the state control will be fully provided, on the other hand, some property and products will be transferred into the property of the joint-stock company, and here the investments are possible” Rumyantsev said.

The head of the Rosatom complained, the lack of the proper financing does not allow to build more than two reactor units at the same time in Russia. “Without investments our potential in construction of the nuclear power plants in Russia is less than the potential of the construction of the nuclear power plants abroad” added Rumyantsev.