Protest against postponing unit no. 5 construction at Kursk NPP

Publish date: May 3, 2005

Five thousand people took part in the protest against postponing unit no. 5 construction at Kursk NPP in Kurchatov city in the end of March.

The Russian Federal Nuclear Agency corrected its investment program concerning construction of unit no. 5 at the Kursk NPP what led to a new postponement.

The new plan stipulates to finish the construction not before 2014, ITAR-TASS reported. The participants of the protest said ”by that time the construction site will become a scrap heap and 60 billion roubles (about $2 billion) already spent on the unit no.5 construction, will be dug in the ground, while the four current units will exceed their lifetime”.

The lack of substitute of the units capacities at the Kursk NPP will lead to electricity generation underruns needed by the Central Federal region, said the plant’s deputy director Yury Ivanov. The construction of the fifth unit began back in the middle of 80s. The unit’s launch was postponed many times, first to 2000, then to 2007, and now to 2014.