Unfinished Crimea NPP on sale

The winner of the auction is a legal entity, but its name was not mentioned, obkom.net.ua reported.

The construction of this nuclear plant began in 1976, but was stopped in 1989 due to the danger of earthquake. The USSR spent about $1 billion. Whole Schelkino town was built up to serve the future nuclear plant. The storage facilities of the unfinished nuclear plant contained materials for $400m.

Last year the Ukrainian Government handed over the Crimean NPP, which belonged to the Ukrainian Ministry of fuel and energy, to the Crimea republic. The Crimea republic was ordered to sell the remains of the plant and spent the revenues for solving social and economic problems of the Lenin region of the Crimea, where the plant is situated, and for town Schelkovo. The nuclear plant has never received nuclear fuel.