Kola NPP received press for radioactive waste

Publish date: January 28, 2005

On January 19, 2005 the Kola NPP finalised SAT (Site Acceptance tests) for low active radwaste compactor supplied by the firm CPC (USA).

The compactor was delivered in the frames of the international technical co-operation project financed by the Swedish International Project (SIP) in the frames of technical assistance to the East-European countries program, reported Kola NPP’s website.

Implementation of compactor into the plant process will allow to substantially reduce the quantity of low active incombustible wastes that will help to get more storage areas. Industrial rubbish will be packed into the special metal barrels by means of the high-powered press, then sealed and sent for storage. Application of compactor will make the work of the Waste Treatment Department personnel significantly easier that, in its turn, will facilitate to reduce the radiation burden on personnel. The new compactor will replace the worn-out and obsolete press of much lower capacity previously used at the plant. The price of the compactor is $120 thousand.