Russian Atomic Agency announced its plans till 2007

According to, the first extended session of the Federal Agency of Atomic Energy Collegium took place on June 30, 2004. The deputy head of the Agency Boris Orlov reported about the goals of the Federal Agency of Atomic Energy till 2007. He determined among others the following goals:

– development of the conceptual principles of the branch reconstruction

– reconstruction and harmonisation of the Atomic Energy Development Strategy with the Energy Strategy of the Russian Federation

– launch of 3,000MW new installations at the NPPs, proceeding with reactor BN-800 construction

– HEU-LEU contract fulfilment

– modernisation of RT-1 plant

– dismantlement of minimum 39 nuclear submarines

– solving environmental problems at Mayak plant and Techa reservoirs

– development of innovative fast neutron reactors with various coolant types

– completion of NPP project development with VVER-1500 reactor type

– adoption and implementation of the 3-year financial and economic development plan of the branch