Norway continues to help Kola NPP

Publish date: September 9, 2004

August 30 - September 3 were the days of meetings with Institute for Energy Technique of Norway from Halden, the Kola NPP’s press department reported.

The basic topic of the discussions was technical assistance of the Kingdom of Norway to the Kola NPP.

The current state of ongoing projects and plans for future were highlighted at the meeting. The specialists from Norway visited various divisions and departments of the plant where Norwegian equipment is installed. The guests checked if the equipment was in operation. The partners were satisfied with the fact that the equipment is in a perfect state, functionality and meets the purposes it was supplied for. The following areas were stated as prioritised for future co-operation: Safety Parameters Display System (SPDS); upgrading of SCORPIO system for presenting and forecasting reactor core parameters; TV monitoring of confinement; vibration monitoring and non-destructive tests of equipment, updating of water-chemistry monitoring system, radiation monitoring equipment, supply of spare parts for the previously supplied systems and personnel training.

During the past 12 years, 31 project was carried out with the total cost of $9m at the Kola NPP.