Public Commission suggested to complete reactor no.2 of Volgodondk NPP

Publish date: May 11, 2004

In March Volgodonsk NPP hosted a meeting of the Permanent Commission on Volgodonsk NPP Construction and Operation Control headed by the vice-chairman of the Rostov region Legislative Assembly Evgeny Shepelev.

Chairman of the Rostov Duma, lower assembly of the parliament, Sergey Sherstyuk, director of Volgodonsk NPP Alexander Palamarchuk, his deputy member of the Legislative Assembly of Rostov region Sergey Gorbunov and vice-chief engineer of the nuclear plant Vladimir Povarov also took part in the meeting, reports.


The Commission admitted its activities satisfactory regarding the construction control of the Volgodonsk NPP from October 2003 till March 2004. The Commission recommended Rostov region administration and the Legislative Assembly to initiate participation of the Rostov region in the Federal Program ”Nuclear and radiation safety in Russia from 2000 to 2006” in order to finance radioactive control of the air in Rostov region, reports.

The Commission also underlined the positive results of the plant’s operation and its importance for the economical development of the region and whole Russia and suggested that the Rostov region administration would consider the issue of the second reactor construction. At the moment the first reactor generates 15% of all electricity in the south Russia, reports.