Russia to build nuclear plants in Indonesia

Publish date: September 25, 2003

In the end of August Russian government approved draft agreement on nuclear cooperation with Indonesia.

The Government of the Russian Federation issued Decree no. 592 of August 16, 2003 to approve the draft intergovernmental cooperative agreement between Russia and Indonesia on the peaceful uses of atomic energy. According to the governmental information department, Minatom of Russia and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, were instructed to conduct negotiations with Indonesia and sign the agreement provided the consent was reached. The draft agreement envisages the cooperation in the following areas: development, design, construction and operation of research reactors and nuclear power plants including small power plants that comprise the floating nuclear power units, and R&D; high-temperature gas-cooled reactors for industrial purposes; the use of atomic energy for desalination of sea and artesian water; hydrogen production; production and application of radioisotopes, facilities and accelerators for irradiation in medicine and industry; administrative and scientific personnel training and retraining; the state regulation of nuclear and radiation safety. The agreement is to be concluded for 10 years with automatic extension for the next five-year periods. This is the first agreement in the nuclear field between Russia and Indonesia.