Russia renews nuclear deal with India

The agreement on construction of a new nuclear power plant in India was renewed by the Russian minister for atomic energy Yevgeny Adamov during his visit to Delhi on June 21, reported RIA Novosti. The initial agreement was signed between the USSR and India in 1988.

Russia will deliver two VVER-1000 reactors to India. The plant will be built in Kudankulam, in the state of Tamil Nadu in southern India. The cost of the deal was not revealed.

The U.S. State Department criticised the deal the same day, calling it a violation of a united international front, which aimed at punishing New Delhi for its nuclear tests last month. Washington says Moscow’s sale of nuclear reactors is inconsistent with its obligations as a member of the nuclear suppliers group.

Russia counters that the deal was made before the nuclear suppliers group agreed not to provide countries with nuclear technology if they do not have the International Atomic Energy Agency’s full-scale guarantee. "The renewed agreement does not set a precedent for making new nuclear deals with India before the country joins the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty", said Valery Nesterushkin, press-spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry.

India already has ten Western-design nuclear reactors in operation.