Plans for a new nuclear power plant at the Kola Peninsula taking shape

The regional authorities of the Kola Peninsula has decided to use the new generation of VVER-640 reactors at the planned Kola Nuclear Power Plant 2 (KNPP-2). The new installation will be located eight kilometres from the currently operational Kola Nuclear Power Plant, the ageing reactors of which it is planned to replace. KNPP-2 will consist of three nuclear reactors, each with an output of 640 MW. Allthough a construction licence for the first of the three reactors already has been granted, the time schedule for the project is still uncertain due to lacking funds.

The Ministry of Atomic Energy of Russia is planning a total of eight new VVER-640 reactors to be constructed in the near future. In addition to the Kola Peninsula, construction works are due to start at Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant in Sosnovy Bor (1 reactor) and at the planned Far East Nuclear Power Plant (4 reactors), according to "Report from the Ministry of Atomic Energy of Russia on VVER-640 reactors", Moscow, 1996.