Environment impact assessment of new Lithuanian NPP ready in March

The new nuclear power plant is to be built by Lithuania, Poland, Latvia and Estonia. The investment company, Leo LT, which is dealing with the supervision and financing of the Lithuanian part of the investment, said that the plant’s capacity will likely amount to 2,200MW. According to Leo LT’s new plans, Lithuania would have access to 1,300MW capacities in the plant, while the remaining three states would have to share 900MW between themselves.

Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk said on January 14, that Poland insists on getting at least 1,000MW of output from the new plant because it will have to invest €800 million in a power link with Lithuania and other infrastructure on the Polish side to be able to import the electricity. “Poland must invest €800 million in the bridge plus infrastructure on the Polish side.

It’s a large project and we’re ready to start immediately, but our friends must give a precise and guaranteed agenda so that electricity can come to Poland and further, if needed, from Ignalina at the output I mentioned,” Tusk said,  Interfax reported.