Byelorussian president signed decree on nuclear plant construction

Publish date: November 19, 2007

On November 12, the president of Byelorussia Alexander Lukashenko signed a decree on nuclear plant construction.

The decree stipulates establishing of the Nuclear Plant Construction Department inside the Byelorussian Ministry of Energy.

The document is issued to implement preliminary works on nuclear power plant construction in Byelorussia, provide nuclear and radiation safety according to IAEA recommendations, Interfax reported with reference to the Byelorussian president’s press department.  According to the decree the Nuclear Plant Construction department is established to function as customer to execute preliminary and design works for nuclear plant construction. Besides, the Department on Nuclear and Radiation Safety Department (Gosatomnadzor), a new regulating and licensing state agency, will be established to work in the field of safe nuclear energy usage, radiation and safe handling of radioactive waste.

The scientific support of the preparation and construction will be provided by the United Institute for Energy and Nuclear Research – Sosny of the Byelorussian National Science Academy. Belnipienergoprom Company will be the general designer and will sign deals with all the contractors, reported Interfax.