Russia might build more reactors in China, Iran, India and Bulgaria

Alexander Rumyantsev stated this at his internet press-conference in the end of last year, ITAR-TASS reported. He believes Russia will get the opportunity after China, Iran, India and Bulgaria announce the international tenders for nuclear plants construction. ”In China – several nuclear power units on the south of the country. Iran – the second power unit at the Busher. India – 40 power units. Bulgaria – a unit at the Belina NPP” Rumyantsev said. He said two Russian reactors would be put in operation in China this year and two more reactors are currently under construction in India. The co-operation with Iran depends on the settlement of its nuclear program with the world community, the head of Rosatom said.

He also added that the further co-operation with India depends whether this country puts the nuclear plants construction activities under the IAEA control. Russia had begun construction of the two nuclear power units before it was banned to cooperate with India, ITAR-TASS reported.