Norway to continue participation in the radiation safety programs in Murmansk region

Publish date: November 25, 2005

Another contract concerning environmental rehabilitation of the former Northern Fleet base in Andreeva bay has been signed in Murmansk.

The contract’s price tag is 2.5m Norwegian crowns aimed at preliminary works on designing infrastructure net in Andreeva bay. The Norwegian Foreign ministry is financing the project through the Northern county Finnmark. The project, in particular, concerns the electricity, water and sewage nets, because at the moment these nets are out of order or destroyed, Interfax reported.

The Murmansk governor Yuriy Evdokimov is hoping six contracts on Andreeva bay will ne signed in the beginning of next year. He also mentioned that the effectiveness in Andreeva bay mostly depends on the Russian Federal Nuclear Agency, which has not yet approved the general plan of works for this site.

Finnmark Governor Gunnar Kjønnøy said the cooperation will depend on the level of provided information about the polluted zones in Andreeva bay. He said Norway allocated 188m Norwegian crowns for the projects concerning Andreeva bay and Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generators (RTGs). Kjønnøy said he would ask the Foreign Ministry not to reduce the financing in 2006, reported Interfax.