Sweden taking part in radiation safety program at navy shipyards

Publish date: June 9, 2005

Sweden will take part in creation of physical protection at the shipyards Nerpa in Murmansk region and Zvezdochka in Arkhangelsk region.

The physical protection issue was discussed in Stockholm on May 16 with participation of Sweden, Norway, Canada, EBRD and IAEA. The participants came to the conclusion that it is needed $12m and $10m for Nerpa and Zvezdochka accordingly. In 2005-2006 period Sweden pledged to allocate $1m to each shipyard. Sweden also hopes to get more donor-countries through the EBRD.

At the moment the Nerpa shipyard is implementing projects with Germany on construction of the reactor compartments storage facility. Besides, the shipyard signed contracts with the UK and Norway on dismantling two nuclear submarine of Victor-III class. Total the Nerpa shipyard scrapped 37 nuclear submarines, including six sponsored by the USA, ten by Germany and two by Norway.