Murmansk region Governor in favour of prompt MNEPR ratification

Publish date: June 23, 2003

Murmansk region governor Yury Yevdokimov urged the Russian State Duma deputies to ratify MNEPR agreement as soon as possible.

He addressed to the deputies in an open letter which was published in daily Murmansky Vestnik on June 18th. The goverrnor stressed in the letter that ratification of the MNEPR would secure activity of the western companies engaged in the nuclear safety projects in Russia. According to him, the ageing nuclear safety sites in the regions present now the radiation threat. Moreover, nowdays Murmansk onkologists receive 7 times more patients annually in comparison with the situation in the 70s. “The last legal step remains to be done&#151to ratify MNEPR agreement in the State Duma and get down to practical work,” Yury Yevdokimov said.