‘Peter The Great’ financier jailed for graft

Publish date: April 28, 2004

The Severomorsk garrison court sentenced the financier of Russian nuclear flagship /Peter The Great/ to five years of prison for fraud, Interfax news agency reported today.

Denis Dolgachev will have to spend five years in a low security prison colony. The court also sentenced him to pay a fine of 9 million roubles (around $313,500), the agency said. The financial aide of the flagship’s commander was charged for theft by raising sums for the purchase of provisions and fabricating documents on paying of allowances and salaries to the personnel. Dolgachev had reportedly stolen more than 12 million rubles (around $418,000). Some money was seized from him during his arrest, the website reported.

In 2003, embezzlement of finances and property on the ship amounted to 14 million rubles (almost $500,000), the RIA Novosti Russia news agency reported yesterday, citing a source in the financial directorate of the Northern Fleet’s headquarters. The Peter the Great was put into dry dock last month on the orders of Navy Chief of Staff Vladimir Kuroyedov after he said the boat could “explode at any moment,” causing world wide panic. Kuroyedov later retracted the statement, saying poor housekeeping had prompted him to sent the boat to port. The Russian Navy checked the boat two weeks ago.