Giant 4 starts moving towards Kola Bay

The Kursk submarine lifting started in the night of October 8th. By 11:00 Moscow time the submarine was lifted 58 meters above the seabed. But due to the weather getting bad in the area, it was decided to start towing the Giant 4 barge towards the Kola Bay without trying to raise the Kursk to barge’s deck as was planned before.

The barge will move with three knots per hour. The way to the shipyard in Roslyakovo, five kilometers from Murmansk, will be covered in 36 hours.

The Kursk then will be placed into shipyard’s dry dock where sailor’s bodies extracted and 22 missiles with conventional warheads removed.

The decommissioning of the submarine will take place at Nerpa shipyard on the Kola Peninsula, most likely in 2002.