Docking of Kursk delayed till next week

Publish date: October 11, 2001

The Mammoet representatives insisted on a delay, so that the equipment could be inspected before the complicated docking operation.

According to, at the press conference today, the head of the Northern Fleet press service, Vladimir Navrotsky, said that Kursk and Giant-4 will not be docked until next week due to a delay requested by Dutch contractor Mammoet.

The decision was made on Wednesday at the meeting attended by the head of the Rubin Marine Design Bureau, Igor Spassky, navy Deputy Commander-in-Chief, Mikhail Barskov, and the leading Mammoet experts, Interfax reported.

“Mammoet representatives insisted on the delay proceeding from their estimations and the need to examine the equipment and the mechanisms. The specialists give priority to the security, complexity and uniqueness of the coming operation,” Navrotsky said.