Marine desperado threatens to blow up torpedo

Publish date: September 11, 1998

Written by: Thomas Nilsen

Nine sailors were shot dead onboard a nuclear-powered Akula-class submarine moored at a naval base in Skalisty, Kola Peninsula. The incident occurred at 3:30 a.m. Moscow time today. The 18 years old murderer has barricaded himself in one of the submarine compartments. He now threatens to blow up one of the torpedoes.

As of 15:30 p.m. GMT: The 19 years old sailor who shot his mates has entrenched himself in the torpedo compartment of the submarine and threatens to blow up one of the torpedoes. The Russian security police FSB and the Commanders of the Northern fleet is negotiating with him. His parents are now reported to be at the site, trying to convince him to give up.

The number of dead people is now reported to be nine.

If he blows up one of the torpedoes onboard the submarine, the explosion could be so strong that the reactor compartment will be damaged, and as a result of this there may be releases of radioactivity. The wind direction from Skalisty is for the time being to the north-west.

The Akula has a total of 40 torpedoes. The distance from the torpedo compartment to the reactor compartment is between 50 and 60 metres.