Environmentally clean Lada Antel is to be presented in 2006

Publish date: March 29, 2005

AVTOVAZ plans to present a new type car prototype with petrol-hydrogen engine next year.

Georgy Merzoev, a leader of the project, says that the car’s mockup will be ready in autumn this year, and a pilot car will be produced in 2006. LADA ANTEL 4 will work on generator with capacity of 60 kW, which is being produced now, “Novye delovye vesti” reported.

Merzoev also said that AVTOVAZ continues its work on the model LADA ANTEL 3. This model will be equipped with engine for processing hydrogen out of petrol. “Of course, it is easier to reprocess hydrocarbon fuel to hydrogen at the stationary facilities. But it is impossible to make a net of hydrogen fuel stations very quickly in such a large country like Russia. That is why automobilists will have to carry such a facility with them”, – Merzoev explained.