Statoil reports on future Barents Sea energy role

Publish date: October 24, 2005

According to a report by the Norwegian consulting firms Barlindhaug and Bedriftskompetanse, Norway's gas transport network could extend to the Barents Sea within 20 years.

Covering petroleum development perspectives in these waters, this document predicts the pipeline system could tie into new supplies in both Norwegian and Russian sectors of the Barents Sea, the Barents Observer newspaper reported. The oil report also identified a number of potential development projects in the far north over the next 15 to 20 years.

In addition to extending the Norwegian transport network with a spur into the northern Barents Sea, these development projects include bringing gas ashore in Northern Norway, and a new processing plant there. The gas could then be piped south along the Norwegian coast. A new plant to produce liquefied natural gas for export by ship could also be in the offing, the report said.