Lukoil spent over $2m on oil spill cleanup in Usinsk in 2004

Publish date: February 1, 2005

According to Komiinform, the Lukoil-Komi spent 57.24 million roubles (over $2 million) on cleanup of the Usinsk region (Republic of Komi).

A number of oil spills have taken place in the area, where Lukoil has a number of fields and installations. The 57 millions roubles (over $2 million) allocated to cleanup projects is 15 million roubles ($536 thousand) than anticipated by the Komi Ministry of Natural Resources. Valery Ivanov, deputy chief of the comercial security and nature preservation department of the Lukoil-Komi, says the amount of oil waste from the reservoirs last year decreased by 36,000 tons compared to 2003. He also says 57,000 tons of oil waste was reprocessed by the company in 2004.