Klif sends inspectors to Sandefjord, Norway, on suspicion of illegal waste storage practices

Foto: Andreas Steenbuch Mathismoen/Bellona

Publish date: June 20, 2011

Written by: Andreas Kokkvoll Tveit

The Norwegian Pollution Control Agency (Klif) visited Oleon’s plant in Sandefjord last Monday, June 20, where Bellona took action against illegal waste storage the same day. "We are very pleased that Klif is on track for inspection", said Bellona President Frederic Hauge.

Experts from Klif arrived in Sandefjord, where Hauge and a large group of environmental activists had taken action Monday morning. “Getting Klif on the pitch is important, and we are pleased that they have cast aside their other obligations and come down here to investigate this very nasty environmental cause.”, said Hauge.

Illegal waste storage

Oleon’s managing director in Oslo has already admitted that there are substances in some tanks that they are not authorized to receive. The director has in turn launched a “blame game” on DVS AS, who delivered the waste to Oleon, and believes that his company has been deceived.

DVS AS dismissed this : ”We have been completely open about what we have delivered, and we have submitted declarations stating approximate percentage amount of sediment, and total product quantity. We have documented all we shall prove,” said Jan Henning Legreid from DVS AS.

Concerned about destruction of evidence, Bellona continued operations throughout the day. “We have sailed onboard our environmental ship M/S Kallinika, and we will block any tanker until Klif has been here and the police have secured the evidence they need,” said Frederic Hauge.

Contacts for the press:
Sigurd Enge, skipper and advisor: 970 87 533,
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